Touch Backend for react-dnd Sample in 2020

Touch Backend for react-dnd Sample in 2020

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Touch Backend for react-dnd.

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Touch Backend for react-dnd


Follow react-dnd docs to setup your app. Then swap out HTML5Backend for TouchBackend as such:

import { default as TouchBackend } from 'react-dnd-touch-backend';
import { DragDropContext } from 'react-dnd';

var YourApp = React.createClass(
  /* ... */


module.exports = DragDropContext(TouchBackend)(YourApp);


Drag Preview

Since native Drag-n-Drop is not currently supported in touch devices. A custom DragPreview is required. Check out the example for a sample implementation.

We might try to build it directly in the Backend itself in the future to compensate for this limitation.

Mouse events support*

You can enable capturing mouse events by configuring your TouchBackend as follows:

DragDropContext(TouchBackend({ enableMouseEvents: true }));

NOTE: This is buggy due to the difference in touchstart/touchend event propagation compared to mousedown/mouseup/click. I highly recommend that you use react-dnd-html5-backend instead for a more performant native HTML5 drag capability.*


The examples folder has a sample integration. In order to build it, run:

npm i && npm run dev

Then navigate to localhost:7789 or (IP Address):7789 in your mobile browser to access the example.
Code licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for terms.


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