Simple drawer-like slider react component Sample in 2020

Simple drawer-like slider react component Sample in 2020

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Simple lightweight (<2kb) animated slider component.


import Slider from 'react-slide-out';

and include css file

import 'react-slide-out/lib/index.css';


After you imported libs, somewhere in your component's code:

<a href='#' onClick={() => this.setState({isOpen: true}))}>Open Slider</a>
      title='test title'
        <div style={{padding: '15px'}}>
          <a href='#' onClick={() => this.setState({isOpen: false}))}>Close Slider</a>
      onOutsideClick={() => this.setState({isOpen: false}))}>
    <div>...Some heavy scrollable content...</div>



If passed slider will be render with slide-in animation

<Slider isOpen />


It will fire a function if passed when user clicks on "modalWrapper area" (dimmed area)

<Slider isOpen={this.state.isOpen} onOutsideClick={() => this.setState({isOpen: false})} />


If passed title will be rendered in header wrapper

<Slider title='test title' />

If passed footer will be rendered

<Slider footer={<div>Some footer element</div>} />


If passed slider and slider wrapper will be offset from top or bottom (e.g. useful when you have navigation/bottom bar and you don't want slider to render on top of it)

<Slider verticalOffset={{top: 30, bottom: 30}} /> // will render 30px from bottom and top


If passed slider will be enter a "fold" mode, where instead of closing it will fold to certain width(140px default). Note: isOpen and onOutsideClick props will do nothing in this mode and

<Slider foldMode />


Only works if in fold mode, obviously. Will fold modal to specified width or unfold it to natural width(default false)

<Slider foldMode isFolded />


Only works if in fold mode, represents the width modal will take if isFolded prop is set to true

<Slider foldMode isFolded foldWidth="200px" />

Example project

Clone/download the repo followed by npm (i) install && npm start, so you can check this superior component in local. If you have any comment, suggestion, issue, please report it, as I will try to keep this component alive.


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