React Datepicker & RangeDatePicker & TimePicker Component Sample in 2020

React Datepicker & RangeDatePicker & TimePicker Component Sample in 2020

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React DatePicker

Flexible, Reusable, Mobile friendly DatePicker Component.

???? Intro




Demo in Storybook

✨ Major Component

  • RangeDatePicker
  • DatePicker
  • Standalone Calendar
  • TimePicker

The components that you can use are as follows: If you want to configure the DatePicker yourself, you can configure it any way you want through the Default Calendar component.

???? Built With

  • TypeScript
  • Sass
  • React

???? Dependency

Moment is a javascript library for Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times. this component use moment library to globalize and control date. You can check the locale list through this link.

???? Installation

yarn add @y0c/react-datepicker
# or 
npm install --save @y0c/react-datepicker

???? Examples

Simple DatePicker

// import Calendar Component 
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { DatePicker } from '@y0c/react-datepicker';
// import calendar style 
// You can customize style by copying asset folder.
import '@y0c/react-datepicker/assets/styles/calendar.scss';

// Please include the locale you want to use.
// and delivery props to calendar component 
// See locale list
import 'moment/locale/ko';

class DatePickerExample extends Component {

  onChange = (date) => {
  render() {
    return (
      <DatePicker locale="ko" onChange={this.onChange}/>

You can find more Exmaples and Demo in story book link

???? Themeing

  1. Copy this project asset folder under scss file
  2. Override scss variable you want(_variable.scss)
    ( red theme examples )
// red_theme.scss
$base-font-size: 12px;
$title-font-size: 1.3em;

// override scss variable
$primary-color-dark: #e64a19;
$primary-color: #ff5722;
$primary-color-light: #ffccbc;
$primary-color-text: #ffffff;
$accent-color: #ff5252;
$primary-text-color: #212121;
$secondary-text-color: #757575;
$divider-color: #e4e4e4;
$today-bg-color: #fff9c4;

// import mixin 
@import "../node_modules/@y0c/react-datepicker/assets/styles/_mixin.scss";
// import app scss
// if you want other style customize 
// app.scss copy & rewrite !
@import "../node_modules/@y0c/react-datepicker/assets/styles/app.scss";

if you want custom css rewrite app.scss file

Try this example!

⚙️ Local Development

This component is managed by a storybook which is combined with develop environment and documentation. If you want develop in local environment, clone project and develop through a storybook

# clone this project
git clone
# install dependency
# start storybook 
yarn run storybook
Open your browser and connect http://localhost:6006


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