React bindings for Stripe WebPOS SDK Sample in 2020

React bindings for Stripe WebPOS SDK Sample in 2020

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React bindings for Stripe WebPOS SDK.


npm install --save react-stripe-pos

Demo Application

A demo

Run the example application for this component by doing:

cd ./example
yarn start


Example Usage:

import React, { Component } from 'react'
import MyPOSComponent from './MyPOSComponent'

class App extends Component {
    render () {
        return (
            <div className="StripePOS" style={{
              margin: 'auto',
              width: '30%'
              <h1>Welcome to Stripe Present</h1>
                  description: 'Yellow Hat',
                  totalPrice: 30000,
                  unitPrice: 10000,
                  quantity: 3

export default App

In your MyPOSComponent component, wrap it with the POSDevice react high-order-component (HOC):

class POSPayment extends Component {
  render () {
    return (
        <h1>Checkout Basket</h1>
        <div className="row">
            { => 
                <div className="list-item">
                    <p>Price: ${item.unitPrice.toFixed(2)} each</p>
                    <p>Amount: ${item.totalPrice.toFixed(2)}</p>
        <div className="row right">
            <p>Sub Total: ${}</p>
            <p>Tax: ${}</p>
            <p>Total: ${this.props.stripePos.totals.balanceDue.toFixed(2)}</p>
        <div className="row">
            <div className="col s6">
                <button disabled={this.props.stripePos.connectionStatus !== 'connected'} className="btn" onClick={() => this.props.stripePos.addBasketItem({
                    description: 'Silver Hat',
                    totalPrice: 20.00,
                    unitPrice: 10.00,
                    quantity: 2
                })}>Add Item</button>
            <div className="col s6">
                <button disabled={this.props.stripePos.connectionStatus !== 'connected'} className="btn">Create ${this.props.stripePos.totals.balanceDue} Charge</button>
            <h3>Device Status: {this.props.stripePos.connectionStatus}</h3>

export default POSDevice(POSPayment)

Your component will be exposed a series of Stripe POS-specific properties such as props.stripePos.connectionStatus which you can render.

Request Handlers

This component requires you to implement 3 request handlers to call your backend API:

  • async function registerDevice(pairingCode)
  • async function createPosActivationToken(posDeviceId)
  • async function createIntent(amount, description)

TODO - Add more details on the signatures required of these handlers.


Running Tests

Running Tests - TODO


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