How to Redirect to another Page in Angular?

How to Redirect to another Page in Angular?

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Today, i am going to write angular tutorial about how to redirect to another route in angular 8 application. i want to give very simple example of redirect to another page in route file. we can easily redirect to another route using redirectTo in angular.

You can simply redirect to page in angular 6, angular 7, angular 8 and angular 9 application with this solution.

It's pretty simple to redirect to another route url using redirectTo in angular application. but you maybe don't know so you can simple see bellow app-routing.module.ts file and see how i declare routes and how i redirect that home page to another route.

You can see code of route define:


path: '',

redirectTo: 'redirect_route_name',

pathMatch: 'full'


you can just see bellow code and you will have solution for your angular app.


import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';

import { Routes, RouterModule } from '@angular/router';

import { BlogComponent } from './blog/blog.component';

import { PostsComponent } from './posts/posts.component';

const routes: Routes = [


path: '',

redirectTo: 'posts',

pathMatch: 'full'



path: 'posts',

component: PostsComponent



path: 'blog/:id',

component: BlogComponent




imports: [RouterModule.forRoot(routes)],

exports: [RouterModule]


export class AppRoutingModule { }

If you run your home page like this way:


It will redirect to this url:


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