Customizable Titlebar for frameless windows built with React Sample in 2020

Customizable Titlebar for frameless windows built with React Sample in 2020

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Frameless Titlebar for Electron Applications.

A lot of people like developing apps with the Electron framework because it's cross platform. On Windows however, Electron applications are often left untouched when it comes to the title bar. In my opinion, the default menu and title bar don't work well with some stylized applications such as Atom, VS Code or Signal. Apps would look a little more unified if they used a custom menu. This is of course hugely inspired by GitHub's desktop application. If we're going to be using Web Technologies to build desktop applications we might as well make them look dope all around, right?

Adding frameless-titlebar to your project

yarn add frameless-titlebar
# or
npm install frameless-titlebar

In your electron app.js file:

  // electron browser window set up
  mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
    width: 1024,
    height: 728,
    minWidth: 600, // set a min width!
    minHeight: 300, // and a min height!
    // Remove the window frame from windows applications
    frame: false,
    // Hide the titlebar from MacOS applications while keeping the stop lights
    titleBarStyle: 'hidden', // or 'customButtonsOnHover',

In your app's root container render method:

import TitleBar from 'frameless-titlebar';
import menu from './AppMenu'; // import your menu file
export default class App extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
          /* the rest of your application
          *  all your routes and stuff


Name Type Platforms Description Default Value
icon string Windows The App Icon shown on the top left ''
app string All The app name shown to the left of the menu items on Windows applications. On Mac/Linux this will show in the center of the toolbar if the title property is not set ''
title string Mac The title shown in the center of mac applications, this will override the app property ''
menu array All The array of menu items following the Electron Menu Object Documentation/Template []
theme object All Theme object to customize Titlebar See Bellow
// This is the default theme
// Override any of these values by passing object into TitleBar Element via the theme property
export const darkTheme = {
  /* Title */
  barTheme: 'dark', // light, dark
  barHeight: '22px', // Change this value if you set 'titleBarStyle' to 'hiddenInset'
  winBarHeight: '28px',
  barColor: '#fff',
  barTitleColor: 'inherit',
  barBackgroundColor: '#24292e',
  barShowBorder: false,
  barBorderBottom: '1px solid #000',
  // should the icon be shown in the center of the toolbar on Mac/Linux apps alongside the app or title property
  showIconDarLin: true,

  /* Menu */
  menuStyle: 'horizontal', // horizontal, vertical
  menuDimItems: true,
  menuDimOpacity: 0.6,
  menuDisabledOpacity: 0.3,
  menuWidth: 240,
  menuBackgroundColor: '#fff',
  menuItemTextColor: '#fff',
  menuItemHoverBackground: 'rgba(255,255,255,0.3)',
  menuActiveTextColor: '#24292e',
  menuTextHighlightColor: '#fff',
  menuHighlightColor: '#0372ef',
  accentStatusIcon: false,
  menuSubLabelHeaders: true,
  menuSubLabelColor: '#6a737d',
  menuAcceleratorColor: '#6a737d',
  menuShowBoxShadow: true,
  menuSeparatorColor: '#e1e4e8',
  menuBoxShadow: '0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.12), 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.24)',

  /* Menu Overlay */
  menuOverlayBackground: 'black',
  menuOverlayOpacity: 0.4,

  /* WindowControls */
  windowControlsColor: '#fff',
  windowCloseHover: '#fff',
  windowCloseBackground: '#e81123',
  windowCloseActive: '#bf0f1d',
  windowDefaultBackground: 'rgba(255,255,255,0.3)',
  windowDefaultActive: 'rgba(255,255,255,0.2)',


  • [ ] Set application menu for MacOS and Linux Applications
  • [x] Change Menu Item states - checkmarks, radios
  • [ ] All menus have fixed width to make it easier to calculate what side to render the submenu on. Menus should have dynamic width with a max-width property.
  • [ ] Add default role functions to be more in-line with Electron MenuItem Documentation
  • [ ] Add position and id properties to menu item objects for ordering the menu item list
  • [ ] Add ability to change default icons with custom icons
  • [ ] Instead of just hovering over to a submenu, add ability to lock a sub menu when parent menu is clicked on

Try the example

# clone the repository
git clone
# move into the project directory
cd frameless-titlebar
# install module dependancies
yarn # or npm install
# move into example folder
cd ./example
# install example dependancies
yarn # or npm install
# to start the application run
yarn dev


Multi-Level Submenu Example / Submenu Header Labels

  app="Electron Title Bar"

GitHub - Dark Theme Example

  title="Project Name"
    barTheme: 'dark',
    barShowBorder: true,
    menuDimItems: false,
    showIconDarLin: false


  title="index.js - frameless-titlebar"
    barTheme: 'dark',
    barBackgroundColor: 'rgb(36, 37, 38)',
    barColor: 'rgb(230, 230, 230)',
    menuHighlightColor: '#373277',
    menuDimItems: false,
    showIconDarLin: false


    barTheme: 'dark',
    barBackgroundColor: '#2090ea',
    menuHighlightColor: '#2090ea',
    barShowBorder: true,
    barBorderBottom: '1px solid #1a70b7',
    menuDimItems: false

WhatsApp - Light Theme Example

    barTheme: 'light',
    barBackgroundColor: '#eaeaea',
    menuHighlightColor: '#33c151',
    menuDimItems: false

Slack - Vertical Menu Example

Leaving the dynamic project title in the app property is fine in this case since the toolbar menu has a vertical style where the menu items are to the left of the title

If you see the example for VSCode you'll see the app name can be set to "Code" (shortened title to the left of the menu items) and changing the title property will only be reflected on mac applications for the currently selected tab

  app="Slack - ElectronTitlebar"
    barTheme: 'dark',
    barBackgroundColor: '#251d24',
    menuStyle: 'vertical',
    menuHighlightColor: '#52a98c',
    menuDimItems: false


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