Awesome mega menu with react Sample in 2020

Awesome mega menu with react Sample in 2020

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The package will generate a mega menu up to 10 columns.


  • The mega menu will take the entire width and height of the pareant container
  • The width of each mega menu columns is decided by the maximum depth of the nodeList (The menu isn't responsive.Hope to fix this soon :)
  • If itemId is specified in a node, onNodeClick will outputs the selected item with provided itemId
Attribute Type Default Values Description
nodeList array [] Node List description
width string "100%" Width of the mega menu
height string "100%" Height of the Mega menu
itemIdSeperator string "/" Node identifier seperator
onNodeClick func Function to invoke when mega menu item is clicked


View sample nodeList object
import MegaMenu from "react-awesome-mega-menu";
<MegaMenu nodeList={nodeList} onNodeClick={val => console.log(val)} />


$ npm i react-awesome-mega-menu --save


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