A tag editor coded in ES6 with React.js as its dependency Sample in 2020

A tag editor coded in ES6 with React.js as its dependency Sample in 2020

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A tag editor coded in ES6, with React.js as its dependency. Inspired by StackOverflow's tag editor.


  • Basic editing/removing
  • Navigating through tags via left/right on keyboard
  • Tag can be modified after being created
  • Tag can be split at the cursor point.



bower install react-tageditor --save
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./bower_components/react-tageditor/dist/style/default.css">

<script src="./bower_components/react/react.js"></script>
<script src="./bower_components/react-tageditor/dist/index.js"></script>


npm install react-tageditor --save



<TagEditor tags={[]} delimiters={[]} placeholder="" />

All attributes are optional.

  • tags: An array of tags.
  • delimiters: An array of delimiters for splitting tags. Element in array could be string or number(keyCode).
  • placeholder
  • validation(currentTag, allTags): A function for validating. Throw an error when tag/tags do not meet your requirement. Error will be passed to onError.
  • onChange(tagsChanged, allTags, action): Callback triggered after tags added or removed.action will be add or remove.
  • onError(error): Callback triggered on error. Access more information about the error via error.name & error.message.


  • add(tagText)
  • remove(tagText)
  • output(): returns an array of tag text


$tagColor: #aaa !default;
$tagColorActive: #555 !default;
$tagBgColor: #ebebeb !default;
$tagFontSize: 1rem !default;

$editorBorder: #ccc !default;
$editorBorderActive: #808080 !default;

$placeholderColor: #777 !default;

$pink: #f2c9c9 !default;
$crimson: #5c0909 !default;


  1. gem install sass

  2. npm install
    This will install react, webpack, babel-loader and other dependencies.

  3. bower install
    This will install react, neutron for building examples.

  4. npm run build
    Compile our js/scss files to dist/


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