A React demo app for Linkedin API Sample in 2020

A React demo app for Linkedin API Sample in 2020

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React Linkedin Login

A React demo app for Linkedin API: LinkedIn OAuth, LinkedIn REST API.

A simple app to demo Linkedin login using LinkedIn OAuth 2.0



git clone https://github.com/tonyxu-io/React-Linkedin-Login.git

Install Dependencies

Intall dependencies for server

cd React-Linkedin-Login
npm install

Install dependencies for client

cd client
npm install

Get Linkedin App Credential from Linkedin Developer Portal

  • client_id
  • client_secret

Configure http://localhost:3001/callback as Oauth2.0 redirect uri

Create Environment Variables





Build Client


yarn run build

Start Server


PORT=3001 npm start

Consumed SDK/API


  • Mar 1, 2020: Migrated hosting platform from GAE to Azure, and CI/CD platform from Travis CI to GitHub Actions
  • Jan 20, 2019: Migrated JS SDK related API usage (due to deprecation of LinkedIn JS SDK) to REST API
  • Aug 1, 2018: Removed summary check in case user doesn't have summary content
  • April 2, 2018: Created first version using JS SDK to load profile


This is not an official sample app or documentation from LinkedIn. Please refer to LinkedIn API Documentation for official documentation and sample apps.


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