A Lightweight React toggle button Sample in 2020

A Lightweight React toggle button Sample in 2020

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Lightweight, focussable, responses to keypresses and will act quicker than the HTMLButtonElement. Meaning, that the onClick-event gets fired on a mouseDown or keyDown event (native HTMLButtonElement emits on mouseUp).

How to use:

const ReactDOM = require("react-dom"),
      ToggleButton = require("itsa-react-togglebutton");

let props = {
    checked: true

const handleChange = () => {
    props.checked = !props.checked;

const renderToggleButton = () => {
        <ToggleButton {...props} onChange={handleChange} />,


About the css

You need the right css in order to make use of itsa-react-togglebutton. There are 2 options:

  1. You can include the files inside the css-folder of the module: itsa-react-button, which is a dependency.
  2. You can use: Component = require("itsa-react-togglebutton/lib/component-styled.jsx"); and build your project with webpack. This is needed, because you need the right plugin to handle a requirement of the scss-file.


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