A component to manage preloading media before showing a component Sample in 2020

A component to manage preloading media before showing a component Sample in 2020

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React Preload

A React component to preload images. It renders a passed component during the loader phase, and renders its children once the images have been successfully fetched.



npm install react-preload --save


var Preload = require('react-preload').Preload;
var loadingIndicator = (<div>Loading...</div>);
var images = [];

    {/* content to be rendered once loading is complete */}

Prop types

propTypes: {
    // Rendered on success
    children: PropTypes.element.isRequired,

    // Rendered during load
    loadingIndicator: PropTypes.node.isRequired, // Default: null

    // Array of image urls to be preloaded
    images: PropTypes.array, // Default: []

    // If set, the preloader will automatically show
    // the children content after this amount of time
    autoResolveDelay: PropTypes.number,

    // Error callback. Is passed the error
    onError: PropTypes.func,

    // Success callback
    onSuccess: PropTypes.func,

    // Whether or not we should still show the content
    // even if there is a preloading error
    resolveOnError: PropTypes.bool, // Default: true

    // Whether or not we should mount the child content after
    // images have finished loading (or after autoResolveDelay)
    mountChildren: PropTypes.bool, // Default: true

Additional Details

This module also exposes ImageCache and ImageHelper which can be used to preload images
directly, and can be accessed via require('react-preload').ImageCache and
require('react-preload').ImageHelper respectively.


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